Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini WaxerIs there a problem with getting the Brazilian while pregnant?
None whatsoever! My clients keep waxing until right before their due date because they know they will be exposed to several doctors and nurses in the hospital and they want to look clean.

Are people nervous when they visit you for the first time? Are they nervous about the pain, or more nervous about modesty issues?
The only new clients who express nervousness about pain have either never been waxed, or have had a bad experience elsewhere. A good waxer can keep the pain similar to the removal of first aid adhesive tape over forearm hair that has been trimmed to 1/4 inch. A quick pull, a momentary sting, and its quickly forgotten. Cultural issues sometimes play a role in a client’s modesty. But since most of my business is from personal referrals, new clients come to me with the expectation that they’ll quickly feel comfortable in my office as well as in my hands (and they do!).

How do you deal with a client whose hygiene is not good?
Every woman’s body chemistry is different, but I think it’s up to the client to decide if she needs to shower before her appointment. Just wearing body lotion won’t mask body odor.

Unfortunately, there are the ones who come, open their legs and the room smells like a dead fish, forcing me to use sprays, light more candles or open doors and windows. I usually schedule these ones at the end of the day no to subject the next client to the stench.

On the other hand, for my delight, there are the ones who go the extra mile showering and deodorizing, needless to say I look forward to their visits.

Have you ever “quit” a client? Has a client ever been unhappy with your work and told you about it?
After all these years I am glad to report that no, I’ve never quit a client. Have they ever quit me? That I’ll never know. I do believe that anyone is entitled to his or her own choices and it’s not up to me to question them.

What is the minimum age you’ll wax someone?
There’s no an age limit per se. Excess hair can be bothersome to anyone at any age. Usually a parent brings the kid and at the end everyone is happy.

Have you ever seen clients who had been waxed by another practitioner whose work was poor?
I actually hear horror stories from scared, traumatized clients who got burned, bruised or had a piece of skin ripped from their pussies. I give these clients lots of credit for being brave enough in trying again. The truth is that their trust in me encourages me to go out of my way to pamper them and make their visit an enjoyable experience.

How long before hair grows back to the point where it needs to be waxed again?
If the hair is removed by the roots, the following cycle will show finer and fewer hair. I usually have my clients back every four weeks in the beginning, after that, with not enough hair to be waxed I suggest them to wait at least 5 or 6 weeks between appointments.

Are you busier during the summer months?
Since the pubic area doesn’t get as exposed as the rest of the body, there’s no downtime for those who perform the Brazilian. As a matter of fact, winter months are my busiest. If you stop to think, people cuddle more when is cold and the need of having that area clean is more appealing.

Is it true that you shouldn’t wax right before or after tanning?
Waxing is the removal of few layers of skin. These layers are there to protect the skin. That said, waxing before tanning will allow the sun (or fake sun) to hit an unprotected skin which could result in dark pigmentation marks, which many times become permanent.

As far as for waxing afterwards, you need to know that your tan is nothing more than dead skin and the waxing will remove it entirely. Planning your waxing schedule is the best thing. To be safe in both cases, allow yourself at least 48 hours before or after waxing.

Other tips from the entry: Solutions to Recent Waxing Concerns.

Ask your friends for a referral.Some of my clients have been with me for over 10 years. Today I wax their daughters, granddaughters, cousins and friends. Trust is built with experience and as a new waxee go to estheticians your contacts trust.

Find a reputable professional.It may surprise you to know that there are unlicensed estheticians everywhere. State Boards are under staffed and cannot inspect every salon. Check or ask about a current license at the premises chosen. Don’t be afraid to ask the waxer about her hygiene standards. It is our job to make you feel safe and comfortable while under our care.

Make sure your licensed waxer has a clean practice.Her room should remind you of your doctor’s office with clean sheets, sterilized supplies and absolutely no double dipping in the wax. If waxing rollers are used, ensure either the rollers are disposable or have been disinfected.

Wait 24 hours before resuming intercourse or entering a hot tub.The waxing process removes hair by its roots and leaves the pores open, which may allow secretion and bacteria to penetrate. As eager you might be to show off your new self, I recommend waiting 24 hours to resume intercourse or enter a hot tub to prevent folicullitis – an infection of the hair follicles.

Apply 1% Hydrocortisone. Apply hydrocortisone for a few days after waxing in order to prevent infection.  Pay attention to any abnormal feeling down there such as tender spots, rashes or tear of the skin, swelling and itching. Check yourself and make sure to see your doctor if the symptoms persist.

Being an educated client is your responsibility. I stress the use of referrals and licensed estheticians.

3 Responses to Tips

  1. JUDY BARRY says:

    Where are you located? I would love an appointment.

  2. Hi, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  3. Reny Ryan says:

    Shaving stimulates the hair follicle turning the thin ones into thicker and darker. Waxing will definitely be a good choice for you. To avoid problems, make sure the wax is appropriate for sensitive skin and that the waxer is experienced. Also, avoid exposure to the sun for at least 72 hours to prevent those dark pigmentation marks.
    If you have coarse hairs in your face, electrology may be the answer as it is permanent and won’t hurt the skin’s integrity.
    Good luck and throw those razors away!

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