Praise for Reny and CONFESSIONS

April 1, 2009

From Arline Klatte and Beth Lisick,
Porch Light storytelling series, San Francisco

“Reny’s performance was funny, energetic, and highly entertaining. Our audience loved her!”

From Kurt Bodden, host of Talk Show Live: San Francisco

“I wanted Reny to be a guest on my talk show pretty much from the minute I met her. She just exudes warmth and enthusiasm, and she’s in a line of work that made me say, “Wait — what? Tell me more about that.”

Clearly I’m not the only one who feels that way. Our show takes place in a nightclub setting with a live audience, and it was packed that night — largely with loyal, vocal supporters of Reny. The turnout really illustrated the rapport that she builds with her clients, which led to the wonderful stories in her book.

And if anyone present was squeamish about her subject, she put them at ease right away with her confidence and directness, backed up by her beauty and endearing personality. The conversation was frank and sexy, but warmhearted rather than raunchy.

Her ability to connect with people is rare and delightful.”

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