BOYZILIAN: The Giraffe’s Neck Factor

August 5, 2009

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the quantity of male clients that walk through my office door.  Men come to get rid of hair in different parts of their bodies but lately (just like the women) they are focusing in the pubic area. When I perform Brazilian Bikini Waxes for boys they are called Boyzilians.

The Boyzilian is the removal of all the hair in the pubic and anal area, the testicles and sometimes the shaft. It may sound painful, but if done properly it will involve minimum pain and undeniable results.

The Giraffes Neck Factor

The Giraffe's Neck Factor

What used to be a “gay” beauty practice is now shared by men from all walks of life. Whether they are metrosexuals or old-fashioned gentlemen, they come to get waxed.  It’s amusing for me to see the extent to which men, creatures traditionally vulnerable to pain, are willing to go through this procedure.  Further, it is most surprising is to watch them return week after week. I began to wonder – “Why?”

To responde to my own inquiry I began to interview some of my clients.  The answers that emerges vary from one brave man to the next. The reasons included (but were not limited to):

•    Smooth privates make sex more pleasurable.
•    They wax at their partners’ request.
•    Others, like my women clients, do it for themselves. The feeling of being clean and smooth is addictive and they keep coming back.
•    One client told me that in the old days of porno only the women were well groomed, but the today the movies show a smooth male crotch and the pressure to match such fantasies is on.
•    And, one of my male clients said that after he started to get waxed the guys at his gym declared they will “not do the same,” yet he catches them looking and answers many questions about the procedure. He is a trendsetter.

But the real reason behind this brave act, as was confessed to me, is the Giraffe Neck Factor. If you don’t know the answer just think about this:  Which one looks longer – a giraffe’s neck pocking through a bushy tree or a neck pocking through a bare tree?  Bingo!!!



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