Taking CONFESSIONS to San Diego

July 30, 2009

Last Friday (7/24) was a very exciting day for me and CONFESSIONS.

Invited by Nicole Trombley from Equilibrio Massage in San Diego, I boarded the 11:35 a.m. flight with 50 books in my suitcase and my talk in hand. Inside the plane, a gentleman offered to help put my heavy bag into the overhead compartment. “Wow!  What do you have in here? Gold?”  Smiling, I showed him my book. He looked at it and exclaimed, “Interesting” and went on his merry way.

Reny Ryan & Nicole Trombley; Owner Equilibrio MassageReny Ryan & Nicole Trombley
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After take off, he came by and asked if he could take the book to his seat. A few minutes later I heard people laughing a few rows behind me. I looked back and he was showing the book to other passengers. From his seat, he yelled, “Reny, can we buy a few books, and would you sign them for us?” There were 4 guys and 2 women who worked together and were returning from a business meeting. They invited me to their row and asked a world of questions about the book and waxing. By the time we landed they all followed me out of the plane and I found myself opening my suitcase in the middle of Gate 8, and signing several books to their wives. The ladies promised to adventure into the Brazilian on their next trip to the Bay Area. Yahhooo!!!

I spent the day preparing and by 6:30 p.m. I was at the Blue Lotus Center where Equilibrio Massage is housed. The owner, Nicole, had prepared a beautiful event with champagne and appetizers for 50 of her friends and clients. Nicole is an expert in maternity massage and has a dedicated following. Terry, my son’s friend, was our designated camera man. In short, the setting was prepared: attendees, champagne, appetizers and digital recording. Now, all that I had to do was speak – gulp.

Reny and Clarissa CloReny & Literature Professor Clarissa Cló
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Nicole gave me a warm welcome and I talked about my career as a waxer, my passion for this art and how CONFESSIONS was born. Again, I was extremely nervous. My throat was dry, and I could feel my face burning. I forgot some of my lines. I improvised, and little by little I relaxed. Public speaking is the third most common phobia, right after death and doctors. I am no exception. Still, the fun part is the fact that no one ever knows what I am supposed to say, so I just followed the flow of things and it turn out fabulous! See for yourself – PHOTOS.

I have been blessed to participate in several event, and I am always impressed by my audiences’ questions. From, “what inspired me to write CONFESSIONS” to “what are the tips for a first time client,” I was able to share my experience and the wonders of getting a BBW. I was delighted later, when guests approached me saying that I inspired them to try the BBW.  Even an esthetician who had been afraid of doing it bombarded me with questions and was now willing to try it. More Yaaahho!!!!!

Many of you have heard me say that a book project is tough. One does not do it for the attention. I did it because I love to see people laugh and empowered. This is why it was exciting to see the long line of women with CONFESSIONS in hand, waiting in line for me to sign their copy and ready to try this transformative practice.

From across the table where I was seated signing the books I could see my son Julio busy with sales, Nicole taking care of everyone, and Terry taking photos while guests enjoyed the event. At that moment I realized how lucky I am for having Julio by my side working with me and teaching me how to manage this book project, as well as others who support me in the endeavor.

At the end of the night Julio told me he was teary eyed when he saw me on stage, and how proud he was of me. What a great way to end a beautiful and busy day!!!


Praise for Reny and CONFESSIONS

April 1, 2009

From Arline Klatte and Beth Lisick,
Porch Light storytelling series, San Francisco

“Reny’s performance was funny, energetic, and highly entertaining. Our audience loved her!”

From Kurt Bodden, host of Talk Show Live: San Francisco

“I wanted Reny to be a guest on my talk show pretty much from the minute I met her. She just exudes warmth and enthusiasm, and she’s in a line of work that made me say, “Wait — what? Tell me more about that.”

Clearly I’m not the only one who feels that way. Our show takes place in a nightclub setting with a live audience, and it was packed that night — largely with loyal, vocal supporters of Reny. The turnout really illustrated the rapport that she builds with her clients, which led to the wonderful stories in her book.

And if anyone present was squeamish about her subject, she put them at ease right away with her confidence and directness, backed up by her beauty and endearing personality. The conversation was frank and sexy, but warmhearted rather than raunchy.

Her ability to connect with people is rare and delightful.”

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