Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini WaxerQuestion: What inspired you to write Confessions?

Reny: Definitely the situations that arise during my waxing sessions. After ten years listening to my clients talking about their lives and watching the events that unfold while they are in such compromising position, I knew I had stories worth telling. These hilarious tales I face almost every day, and that make my work such a joy.

It’s absolutely impossible to perform this type of job and to keep a straight face. I love to talk and to laugh, and as I have learned, so do my clients. This combination is certainly the reason clients feel at ease during the procedure. Everybody has a different body and everyone has a story to tell. After a few visits I am not only the person who pours hot wax and rips their hair, I am their therapist, someone who they feel comfortable opening themselves up to.

Finally, what catalyzed my writing down these stories were my clients. They insisted that this book was worth writing because it was, is, about waxing, but much more. It is about being healthy and happy with yourself.

Q: How long have you been waxing?

Reny: I think my first waxing adventure happened when I was 12 or 13. I remember vividly preparing this concoction in the stove and being anxious to try it. Well, I didn’t wait for the wax to cool enough. That day I got rid of the hair I wanted removed…as well as some skin. To this day I carry my waxing scars as a badge of courage. I used to be so proud of them. Oh, and yes, I still laugh at myself thinking about those crazy experiences.

Q: Why do you love it so much?

Reny: My father once said, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” To this day I often tell people that I do not work, I have fun, and that’s the truth.

I spend my days making people happy while developing new friendships. This combination of things happening all the while making a living is rare nowadays. I also love the camaraderie that blossoms between my clients and me. The clients become friends and the friends become a client. I could not be happier.

Q: What did your clients say when you mentioned you were writing this book?

Reny: Like I said earlier, my clients were the ones that catalyzed my writing this book. Therefore, they were all very excited and supportive when I told them I decided to do it. And, some of them even ended up helping me with the editing.

Q: Who do you hope will read your book?

Reny: Everyone, of course. I especially hope that people who have had the Brazilian and other waxing done, beauty service providers, and those still wondering if waxing is for them would pick it up. I hope in many ways to demystify this great beauty secret and continue the great work of shows like Sex in the City that have helped the world learn that smooth privates can be the beginning of many beautiful life moments.

I also think anyone would enjoy the stories. The book is about challenges, life, and most of all it is about realizing that we are all outstanding people inside and out. Laughter is a great remedy for much of life, and in this vein I hope the book will bring a lot of laughter to the world.

Q: What is your favorite story?

Reny: Oh, all of them. Really. The toughest part of writing this book was choosing which to use. I was looking for a balance, diversity and a true representation of my clientele. I wanted the reader to see the spectrum. My clients are people from many walks of life and they each bring with them a special story. The book also needed to be fun.

Again, this topic can be scary for many people either because they are afraid of the procedure, or because they are afraid to say “pussy,” or talk about their bodies openly. My goal with the stories was to bring out the fun in each experience.

My hope is that readers will realize that our bodies tell us stories about ourselves. How we relate to it, how we create comfort with ourselves, and how we treat it, all affect our quality of life.

Any last comments…

Enjoy the book. Enjoy the stories. The people whose lives are reflected here are outstanding individuals. They make my everyday life a real pleasure. I thank each and every one of them and am honored to have them in my life.

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