“Her ability to connect with people is rare and delightful.”
Kurt Bodden, host of Talk Show Live: San Francisco

Reny Ryan Reny has been featured in several magazines and performed in numerous events where she talks about CONFESSIONS.  Her magnetism has won her support and praise every time. Below you can read about her work and see Reny in action.  Enjoy!

For interviews and bookings, please contact info [at]


Read interviews with Reny:



Reny has been out and about in San Francisco and the Bay Area and down south to San Diego.

She has already done book signings at:

Reny has also been an invited guest at local Book Clubs. So, if you want to have her join you, give us a call at 925.682.7369 or email info [at]


  • See highlights of Reny’s Porchlight Show on YOUTUBE *click here* Here she shares a few hilarious stories at the Porchlight Storytelling Series in San Francisco, 9/22/08. With her vivacious personality and native Brazilian accent, Reny asks her adoring clients, “So baby, how’d you like your poosie waxed today?” *To Video!
  • See Reny’s Talk Show INTERVIEW. It is a riot!
    Use case sensitive password: “Vivo” to see video in full. *To Video!*

Photos of Recent Events


Signing at San Francisco Events

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  1. Marybeth Leones says:

    BEAUTIFUL website, Reny! Your light shines so bright!

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