AVAILABLE atConfessions of a Brazilian Bikini Waxer
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  • emailing info [at] waxconfessions.com

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Customers Reviews:

5Delightfully indiscrete!
A fun, fast read. Educational, too! More than just a book about waxing, Reny’s stories are about her clients’ quirks and foibles, ups and downs, discretion and indiscretions. Thoroughly entertaining!

5A glimpse into the waxing room
This book is a riot! My wife had a layover at LAX and three people approached her when they saw the cover page. The author has three things going for her: She knows how to treat her clients, she’s a creative and expert waxer, and she’s got some hilarious stories to share. I promised my wife more approaches from my 747 if she gets a landing strip someday!

5So much more…
Reny’s book is not just an easy read, fun and entertaining. It is so much more ! I was surprised by the debt of her stories and her commitment to her profession as well as her clients. She really captures the essence of each and everyone, without judgment. I can easily understand that she has become friends with so many of her clients. Can’t wait for the sequel, Reny !!!

5Couldn’t put it down!
This is a great read, and a great escape from the stress and seriousness of life! Reny has a wonderful wit and it is translated to the written word expertly. I loved the cross section of people who have become her clients – she has collected a diverse clientele over the years, but somehow shows that there is a commonality amongst all of them. She tells their stories with sensitivity, humor and discretion. Not an easy task for someone who sees the most private parts of a person! A wonderful addition to any library – and a fun gift!

5So fun to read
What a great way to take the mystery out of waxing! I read it in one sitting, because I just couldn’t wait to read the next story, but the short stories are perfect for a quick read and laugh. Reny has a real talent for finding the humor in even the most embarrassing situations.

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