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Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini Waxer5Delightfully indiscrete!
A fun, fast read. Educational, too! More than just a book about waxing, Reny’s stories are about her clients’ quirks and foibles, ups and downs, discretion and indiscretions. Thoroughly entertaining!

5A glimpse into the waxing room
This book is a riot! My wife had a layover at LAX and three people approached her when they saw the cover page. The author has three things going for her: She knows how to treat her clients, she’s a creative and expert waxer, and she’s got some hilarious stories to share. I promised my wife more approaches from my 747 if she gets a landing strip someday!

5So much more…
Reny’s book is not just an easy read, fun and entertaining. It is so much more ! I was surprised by the debt of her stories and her commitment to her profession as well as her clients. She really captures the essence of each and everyone, without judgment. I can easily understand that she has become friends with so many of her clients. Can’t wait for the sequel, Reny !!!

5Couldn’t put it down!
This is a great read, and a great escape from the stress and seriousness of life! Reny has a wonderful wit and it is translated to the written word expertly. I loved the cross section of people who have become her clients – she has collected a diverse clientele over the years, but somehow shows that there is a commonality amongst all of them. She tells their stories with sensitivity, humor and discretion. Not an easy task for someone who sees the most private parts of a person! A wonderful addition to any library – and a fun gift!

5So fun to read
What a great way to take the mystery out of waxing! I read it in one sitting, because I just couldn’t wait to read the next story, but the short stories are perfect for a quick read and laugh. Reny has a real talent for finding the humor in even the most embarrassing situations.

5Almodovar Meets Sex In the City,
Wow, this was a great light and funny read. It was like watching a version of Sex in the City directed by Pedro Almodovar. I read it while doing cardio at the gym, and people thought I was crazy/LOCO for laughing so much.
A refreshing funny view at something so so private!

5Like the Short Stories
Having little juicy short stories to read is great! The book is broken up like this which makes it easy to read, drop and read more later! So funny!

5Funny Yet Comforting
This book is so fun to read and educating at the same time. It makes those thinking about getting waxed want to finally take the step and try it out!! Everybody does it!!! Very creative book! And makes the perfect gift!

5She is a Triple Threat
Reny is obviously an incredible waxer and a therapist for her clients, but who knew she’s also a great writer?! The stories are woven together seamlessly and include plenty of laughs- it’s an entertaining read and great motivation for anyone to take the Brazilian plunge! A very fun gift idea!

From Kurt Bodden, host of Talk Show Live: San Francisco

“I wanted Reny to be a guest on my talk show pretty much from the minute I met her. She just exudes warmth and enthusiasm, and she’s in a line of work that made me say, “Wait — what? Tell me more about that.”

Clearly I’m not the only one who feels that way. Our show takes place in a nightclub setting with a live audience, and it was packed that night — largely with loyal, vocal supporters of Reny. The turnout really illustrated the rapport that she builds with her clients, which led to the wonderful stories in her book.

And if anyone present was squeamish about her subject, she put them at ease right away with her confidence and directness, backed up by her beauty and endearing personality. The conversation was frank and sexy, but warmhearted rather than raunchy.

Her ability to connect with people is rare and delightful.”

From Arline Klatte and Beth Lisick,
Porch Light storytelling series, San Francisco

“Reny’s performance was funny, energetic, and highly entertaining. Our audience loved her!”

Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini Waxer was inspired by nearly
ten years of face-to-face sessions with clients.
Below is the praise for the author and her daily work.

I love the day after my wife has seen Reny. She comes home with a sexy attitude and I can hardly wait for the right moment. We try to get away, out of town, or at least out of the house. I always plan a surprise because I never know what she is showing up with. Her Brazilian bikini wax keeps our excitement up, I love it!
Sam K., San Ramon, CA – 65 years old

I go to Reny because she is so comfortable with the female body. Even if you are uncomfortable or embarrassed, she makes you feel at ease. I used to hate the word “pussy.” But out of Reny’s mouth it sounds so natural! I wouldn’t take my pussy to anyone but Reny.
Karen. I., Danville, CA – 33 years old

Who knew such a private and sometimes painful experience could spark a friendship that I believe will last the test of time. Reny ranks up there with the “Vagina Monologue” gals—love your vagina and be proud of it. Thanks, Reny, for loving your job and sharing your passion with me (and my husband). You are the best!
Erin M., San Ramon, CA – 36 years old

If you had asked me twenty years ago if I would ever get a Brazilian, I would have laughed at you. Now, I wonder what was wrong with me. Thank heavens for the wonderful clients who tell the great stories that give others the confidence that we, too, (middle-aged people) can dare to go bare and feel beautiful.

I love the way Reny makes me feel—well, not the hot wax or the momentary pain, but the silky smooth skin afterward. While on the table Reny constantly reassures me of my feminine side, my beautiful skin, my great eyebrows, you name it—she distracts me with her sense of humor and by the time I realize it I am ready to roll.
JCM. – Alamo, CA – 56 years old

Reny is an amazing woman with an extraordinary talent! She is meticulous, a good listener, and fun. For over ten years she’s been my waxer, my therapist, and above all a friend. All of the above explains why I’ve been with her since she was in beauty school, and to this day I look forward to my “sessions” with her.
Jana S. – Concord, CA – 52 years old

I love seeing Reny every month. Her sense of humor is contagious and the confidence in her work gives you the feeling you are in good hands so you are able to relax. Where else do you go and put yourself in compromising positions, endure pain, and laugh the whole time? She’s my monthly dose of emotional healing!
Barbara J. – Pleasant Hill, CA – 41 years old

One Response to Praise

  1. Melissa Van Hagan says:

    Reny is an amazing woman. She can turn your worst day into your best with her positive attitude and infectious laugh. Honestly, who would have ever thought a bikini/brazilian wax could be so much fun!

    Melissa V. – San Ramon, CA.

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