Reny Ryan

Born and raised in Brazil, Reny’s expertise has developed from her teen years when she offered to wax her mother’s friends whenever they came over for afternoon coffee.  Yet, preparing her friends for carnaval, Brazil’s most popular party, was where Reny perfected her technique. It was also when she realized waxing was her passion.

Now, years later Reny owns her salon where she offers numerous services including facials, micro-demabrasion, and of course, waxing.  Reny takes pride in the fact that she has never advertised her services.

She believes that word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in any business. It can build your business or it can destroy it. In her case all those mouths worked in her favor. Reny runs a very busy schedule providing services to over 1500 clients yearly.

Reny is married and a mother of four. She eats a healthy, vegetable-rich diet, practices yoga and plays raquetball several times a week.

Reny’s approach to life is best summed up in the latin “mens sana in corpore sano”. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the way to live life fully. Love your family, cultivate your friends, and dedicate yourself to something you love. In Reny’s case, waxing!

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