From the Mouths of Husbands


Paul:  Honey, working on our budget I noticed that you’ve been spending too much money.
Maryland:  Sorry honey,  I’ll cancel my appointment with Reny tomorrow…
Paul:  Stop right there.  We are not that poor.  Let’s get our priorities straight  …

Food of Life—

Rachel calls her husband Gerorge from Whole Foods, and when she tells him where she is he goes ballistic. “Honey, didn’t we talk about saving money last night?  What are you doing at Whole Foods?”  She replies, “Ooops, You are right, I’ll go to the Grocery Outlet.”

That same night getting ready to go to bed, Rachel looks down to her pubic area.   Honey, I think I would like to try the Brazilian wax, but I know we are low on funds”  Without hesitation, George  declares: How much do you need?  $100,  $200?

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