Beware of Small Vibrators

Since my studio is located away from the street, I don’t usually get walk-ins.

Last week I was surprised woman started frantically knocking at my door.  When I opened it she said, “I need an emergency wax.  Now!”  I felt a little uneasy when she refused to fill out the information sheet or to even give me her name. Yet, she explained she was in a hurry to go see her doctor and she looked panicked.

Once on my table, she explained she wanted all the hair removed from her pubic area.

Hello Kitty

Looking at her vast jungle I wondered why she decided to get waxed now, why the hurry and, what was the reason for such secrecy.  But, as you all know by now, the stories from my waxing room emerge in the most interesting of ways.  So, I trusted the process and began my work.

I tried to carry on small talk but she seemed anxious and didn’t care for what I had to say.  Nearing the end of the procedure she declared she never cared for shaving, much less waxing.  Of course, this was my opportunity to find out what in the world was going on.

She told me she did something so stupid and was very embarrassed by it.

And, before I could form a question, she blurted out “I HAVE A SMALL VIBRATOR STILL VIBRATING INSIDE OF ME SINCE LAST NIGHT.  I DID NOT WANT TO GO SEE THE DOCTOR IN MY HAIRY CONDITION.” Needless to say, my decade of listening to waxing stories was very useful as I kept my cool and did my best to listen with care.  The client then placed my hand over her lower abdomen and low and behold, there was something alive inside of her.  Wow.

When I was finished with the waxing, she paid and left as quickly as she arrived. I stood at my office door a bit in awe of the experience and wondering how many people get to be part of such private and personally embarrassing moments.  And, what brand of battery she used because her belly was still vibrating – on high.

2 Responses to Beware of Small Vibrators

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  2. Very interesting article. I love all the other posts here as well. Brilliant.

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