Fun, Fun, Fun and Toys

logosmallThis past Friday Reny’s Skin Care hosted an Onjenoo sex toy soiree.  Yvonne, Onjenoo’s owner traveled from San Diego exclusively for the event and all the attendees had a great time in learning how to sexorize their love lives.

Among the many fun toys, “Jalapeno Carlos” was the one that got the biggest laugh of all.  Apparently, this bright green bullet can turn any low energy, exhausted woman into a hot lover in no time.

We also met “Tina,” a toy which molds herself snugly around his shaft for explosive simulated oral sex.  No more lock jaw, girls!

All the ladies had a wonderful time not only learning about the different relationship intimacy products, but also by discussing the zest that the Brazilian wax adds to their sex lives.

The toys along with the waxing stories and enlightenment made for fine edu-tainment.

For those of you who missed this event, we will be planning another one early in the year, just in time for Valentine’s Day 2010. If you are interested in attending, please email me at


Let there always be laughter.  And absolutely no hair.

One Response to Fun, Fun, Fun and Toys

  1. Carol says:

    AAAAACK! Im so sorry i couldnt make it Reny – Danna told me she went and had a great time. There was so much going on that afternoon that i just couldnt make it – i will be there at the next one – i love you and miss yo u. – Carol

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