Oooops and Double Entendres

Have you ever said something with a double meaning without realizing it?  It happened to me while waxing a male client last week.

Sam is a bouncer at a San Francisco nightclub and rides a motorcycle.  His muscles, tattoos and bald head makes for an intimidating appearance, and when he smiles the little boy inside comes out and you can see the sweet guy he is.

He’s been a client for the past 6 years and usually has his back and arms waxed.  “The tattoos in my arms are more evident without hair,” he says.  He is very particular about even the finest hair in those muscular arms as well as the hair on his knuckles.

During his last session, he was still on his stomach from the back waxing and with both arms resting on the waxing table.  So, I decided to wax the arms as he was instead having Sam sit on the corner of the waxing table.

I realized this was a much better position for this type of waxing.  It surprised me how fast I was able to remove every single hair in a third of the time.

So, as he was ready to leave, I declared, “Sam, I loved that position much better, didn’t you?  Let’s do that again next time!”  With a malicious look in his face he said, “Reny, Do you realize what you just said?”  Ai, ai, ai, Caramba!  I apologized and we laughed.

It has become joke and so every time he comes for his wax he says without fail, “Hey Reny, do you want to do that position again?”

Late that day while having dinner with my husband he asked me about my day.

“Oh, honey I had a great day at work, I tried a new position with this guy and it was much, much better!!!”

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