Of Mothers and Daughters

For one reason or another, my clients sometimes bring their daughters along for their BBW appointments. I enjoy seeing the dynamic between them and silently watch how each mother reacts when faced with privacy and intimacy issues.

Not surprisingly, culture plays a strong role in how the mothers conduct themselves. For example:

The conventional mothers figure out a way to have their kids at an arms length but away from their naked bodies.  One mom often leaves her girls in my reception area with a book or their cell phones.  She locks the door and wonders what her girls might be telling (or texting) their friends about their Mom’s trip to her “Brazilian Waxer.”  Another mother brings her girl inside the waxing room, places her in a chair facing the corner of the room with a book and often warned her not to look back.

The more open minded mothers seem to think of it as something their daughters might do in the future and they act as if is just another appointment, such as a haircut or a manicure, not a big deal at all.

I remember a “cool mother’s” (her daughter’s term) visit.  On this occasion, her 8-year-old was not only in the room, but she climbed on the stool next to my waxing table and was intently watching all my moves.  Her mother, in a refined language explained the procedure as well as the reason she was there.  She went further saying that in a few years the girl herself might be paying me a visit to get rid of her own hair.  They seemed so close and so comfortable in each other’s company that I thought to myself, what a great way to build a solid foundation for a trusting and healthy relationship.

Then, last year I had the privilege of having a bride and her mother for a BBW.  I was delighted to see how these two generations apart adults were unreserved about talking of their bodies, sex and their husbands.  While listening and watching them, I thought how wonderful if more mothers and daughters could share the same mutual trust.  They took turns on the waxing table while making suggestions about each other’s waxing style always with a sweet word and respect.

The healthy interactions between these two reminded me of my own up bringing in Brazil where “shame”, “embarrassment” or  “disgusting” were words rarely used towards our bodies.

Finally, there is Annie. She is five years old and loves to come to see me wax her mom.  I usually spread powder on her mom’s thighs and ask for her “help” spreading it.  Annie talks non-stop and is excited when she shows me a few fuzzy hairs on her arm, and tells me she’ll soon become my client.

Annie’s mom called me recently to tell me that while in the shower together, Annie looked up and said, “Gee mom I think is time for you to go see Reny!!”OO

One Response to Of Mothers and Daughters

  1. Debbie A says:

    Gotta love the ‘cool Mom’!

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