A Challenging Monday

For the same reason your mouth needs to be open at the dentist, your legs need to be separated for the Brazilian Bikini Wax.

Due to the nature of my job, I deal with different people everyday and am faced with different challenges.  Sometimes, my more introverted clients give me the opportunity to try different approaches to waxing and today I had to use all of my creativity in order to make one husband very happy.

“Mary” just moved to Pleasant Hill from Utah.  Eager to immerse into her new California culture, she decided to adventure into the Brazilian and surprise her husband on their 15th anniversary.

She arrived very excited saying she had read my book and that she would like the playboy strip “shown on page xx.”  Mary didn’t have any problem undressing and jumping on the waxing table.

As is common practice with my first timers, I tried to relax her by chatting while asking open ended questions.  After the formalities, and with powder in hand, I asked her to split her legs a little so we could start the session.  Mary did not move.  Give her some time, I thought.

I then explained the procedure in detail to put her at ease.  A few minutes later, I asked her to open her legs just a little, which she did. Still, it was not enough for me to work on her.  Jokingly, I asked her if she knew where she was and what was about to happen.  She nodded, “Yes.”  Yet still, no luck in getting her legs to open more.

Glancing at the clock and thinking about my next client I decided to try my “if I don’t see you, you don’t see me” trick.  I grabbed a face towel and covered her face. Voila! It worked!  With her legs finally apart I quickly got to work.  As I kept on talking, she gradually removed the towel and apologized for her shy behavior and, more importantly, she was finally relaxed.

After we were done, she jumped off and looked at her new self in the mirror and requested another appointment.  Teasingly I asked if I’d need to bring a crow bar to work that day. Smiling, she said, “no.”

Mary was in a hurry to pick up her kids at a friend’s house.  I asked how many kids she had and when she said SIX I couldn’t help myself and said, “WOW! And you had sex and gave birth to all of them with your legs closed?” We both laughed.


Let there be laughter.  And, absolutely no hair!

3 Responses to A Challenging Monday

  1. johnathan powk says:

    what a wonderful tale!

  2. Sue Minckler says:

    Hey Reny,
    I loved your book, and your updates. Glad to hear your practice is going so well.

    Miss you guys & hope to see you again sometime.

    If you don’t remember me, I’m Jane’s friend.

    xo Sue

  3. Caroline Concepcion says:

    Hi Reny,
    First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed your book!! It was so hard to put down, I read it in one day and then told all my friends about it.

    I just finished watching your video on YouTube, too. You should be on the Oprah Show, Good Morning America and Ellen!

    I LOVED this story — especially the last few lines.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face all the way here in Cebu, Philippines.


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