Bonding Over the Brazilian

I take great pleasure seeing women come in groups for their Brazilian Bikini Wax (BBW).  This intimate procedure has helped deepen their friendships, while for me, adds to the meaningfulness of my work.  For some, it’s a way to gather moral support while enduring the quick pain.  While for others, the BBW visit is an escape, a trip to a secret place to bond and laugh among girls.  Depending on the friendship level of my groups, there’s nothing they hide from each other.

They arrive early, oftentimes filled with good gossip, and start their session with “Which style will each of us choose today?” This catalyzes conversations about boyfriends, husbands, vacations, bitchy friends and self-care.   I just listen quietly and, like a caring mother give my opinion when asked.  Afterwards is time to show off.  They get on the “Waxed Runway” and admire their newly waxed area in the mirror and compare.waxrunway

Despite of you might think, there’s never drama during these sessions, just the constant questions and suggestions while their giggling fill the room.

In the end, after the hugs and good byes, I often think about how this amazing profession I was meant to do, allows friends and loved ones to make quantum leaps toward intimacy and fulfill their relationships.  It makes me so happy to have the chance to alter people’s lives in such a positive way.

Thanks for your visits girls.  Thank you for the trust you all have in me and for being part of my life in a very special way.  You are all fabulous…. And don’t forget to exfoliate.


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